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One-Time OpenMRS
Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS) is a free, opensource
that enables the design of customized medical records systems with no programming knowledge. It supports the delivery of healthcare in developing countries.

With Medinstance, you can instantly set up and host your own OpenMRS server without hassle.

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Use Cases
We are impacting the delivery of patient medical care across a range of
We leverage the power of OpenMRS as we work with these organisations:
Why Medinstance?
Organizations around world trust us for the following reasons
Set up and host an OpenMRS instance in quick time with a hassle free deployment process.
Daily database backup of your servers are conducted ensuring data is never lost.
We maintain best industry practices by employing two factor authentication, firewalls and the highest level of encryption, to protect your data from unauthorized parties.
Medinstance allows you to setup and host multiple servers all under one account.
We are always available to help whenever your server is down or you encounter any problem


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14 extra subscription days to host your Data Management Server instances each time you refer someone and they create a Data Management Server instance on Medinstance.


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• Free SSL certificates for each server
• Technical support: Forum and live chat
• Database backup downloads

1 month, 6 months or 1 year

• Free SSL certificates for each server
• Technical support: Forum and live chat
• Database backup downloads
• Automatic backups
• Configure up to 2 OpenMRS instances
• Database imports and backup downloads

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2+ years

• Everything from Premium including:
• Extra Customizations for Data Management Servers
• Custom Domain Names
• 24/7 technical support

OpenMRS Consultancy?

We are recognized as experts in the implementation of openMRS. Visit Here to find out more. We can support your organization in implementing customized OpenMRS solutions across a wide range of use cases.

Capacity Building

Using our broad expertise, we offer capacity building sessions with the goal of producting individuals with the relevant skills in OpenMRS development and deployment.